Kingdom Outdoors is a non-profit organization made up of believers from across the Body of Christ. We have individuals with various backgrounds and strengths that have a common goal of sharing our love for the Lord and our passion for sports and the Outdoors.

We believe that EVERYONE is passionate about something. Or desire is to create opportunities to meet people where they are and create an environment where they encounter Jesus. It can't stop there! We have ALL been told to go make Disciples. At Kingdom Outdoors we provide opportunities for people to use their passion for sports and the outdoors to then go and reach the lost. 

Everything we do falls into one or both of these to categories


Develop activities and opportunities to draw sports and outdoor enthusiast in to a Christ-centered environment creating an opportunity for them to meet Jesus. 


Take believers deeper in relationship with God and fellow believers equipping them to expand His Kingdom.

For more info check out some of our videos or our events page!

Jeremiah 16:16