Midwest Regional Directors

We are able to host training events/workshops, adventure trips, disaster response, and assist in humanitarian efforts both nationally and internationally. We are based out of Starkville, Mississippi, but also have a Midwest Regional office in Warroad, Minnesota. 


Darrik and Stacie Walker are passionate about the outdoors and about helping others find and reach their full potential. They believe that a key part for this by understanding the Creator through His creation. The Walkers aren't just teaching the people how to survive in the woods. They are opening eyes to an opportunity to THRIVE! 

Another family friendly course. No prior experience is needed to attend. Anyone 10 and up is welcome to attend this course (children under 18 must be accompanied guardian). The course is 4 days and 3 nights. We will cover all of the topics in our basic course and MUCH more.


Every Day Carry items that might just save your life.

Build a variety of short and long term survival shelters

primitive and modern ways to make fire

primitive and modern water procurement

various ways to procure food along with butchering/processing and preparing for consumption. 

Primitive Cordage 

Learn to make cordage from a variety of primitive materials. 


Learn to make a variety of containers, chairs, and tools for long term survival/wilderness living situations.