Our camps provide an opportunity for youth to learn various outdoor life skills. We are also able to provide certification on Hunters Safety.  Wether you are looking for a day camp or multi-day retreat, we  are ready to work with you to meet your needs. For more info on our youth camp program contact us at info@kingdomoutdoors.com

Archery is a great tool to get kids interested in outdoor activities! We can do 2 hour workshops or even facilitate a multi-week course. Whatever you need we can can can help come up with a special course tailored for your  School, business, or religious organization. To find out more about our archery program  contact us at info@kingdomoutdoors.com

Wilderness living/Survival Courses

One of the most freeing things in life is to be one that helps others. We are able to facilitate disaster response teams and humanitarian trips both nationally and internationally. contact us at info@kingdomoutdoors.com for more information. 

Our wilderness living and survival courses can range from half-day workshops to  4-day courses. In addition to our regularly scheduled courses we are available for private events as well. If you would like to book us for your organization or private group we are available for that too. Click here for more info


Youth Camps 

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